MY mission is to help women over 40, that feel stuck unfulfilled, lacking in their lives find their true inner self, their essence, heal from past trauma, build confidence and self-esteem, to reach for the sky and achieve the goals they desire. I want to assist you in your journey of transformation and empowerment to be the best that you can be, achieve your dreams and live your unique purpose. I provide a number of modalities including  Inner child healing, Energy Healing, regression therapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, life coaching, EFT/Tapping, journaling, and affirmational tapping.

I am a natural Empath/intuitive, I am able to connect and feel emotional and physical energies of another person. This in turn helps me to become a mirror to you, 

I facilitate your love and acceptance of your own Inner Child.  It is your Love and Acceptance for self that is the true Healer. As a hypnotherapist and Healing Coach, Energy healer and Spiritual Counsellor, I am able to provide a safe space for YOUR healing and self transformation. This is done by combining Spiritual Counselling, and Hypnotherapy alongside complementary healing interventions. These skills combined with being an intuitive allows me to tap into your energetic body and help ease any subconscious blocks that may be hindering your physical and spiritual growth. By releasing blocked energies and traumas you will be able to be fully present in your now and be more open to acceptance of yourself and fully living the life you were born to live.

We all experience emotional bumps and bruises throughout our life, But it is the emotionally significant Dramas, Traumas and Stories that we tell ourselves that cause the Stuck Energies within our subconscious minds and our spirits.

The Healing process guides you through the journey of acknowledging your past and releasing the Stuck Energies/thoughts/patterns/behaviours that have been the source of your problems.

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Smoking cessation
Food and drink addictions
Subconscious blocks to success
Inner child Healing
Spiritual Hypnosis

Weight reduction
Healthy Eating
Comfort eating Emotional eating
Body confidence
Self acceptance
Pain management
Low self confidence
Separation anxiety
Being bullied
Accepting yourself
Hormonal imbalance


I also offer hypnotherapy packages for..


By centering the powerful framework of coaching in self-love, the transformational process allows for a deep appreciation and love for SELF the I Am, while simultaneously motivating a desire for evolution and self-improvement.
A Self-Love Coach utilizes a combination of their innate intuition along with a comprehensive knowledge of wellness and psychological tools to usher their clients into a happier, healthier, Confident and more magical state of existence. 


In each of us, there is a young, suffering child. We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma. To protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we often try to forget those painful times. Inner work is the act of going inside ourselves, to explore our true feelings and parts of us that may have been rejected and labeled as "inappropriate" or "too much" by others. By allowing ourselves time to go within, we begin peeling back our everyday coping mechanisms and are able to fully accept and integrate our subconscious into consciousness.


The witch wound is the psychic trauma that all women carry after millennia of invalidation, disempowerment, and abuse. Patriarchal culture has systematically invalidated feminine gifts like intuition, embodiment, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and healing.


The witch wound holds us back from wealth - not just financial wealth, but the wealth of inner fulfillment, meaningful relationships, beautiful surroundings, and vibrant health - through subliminal shame and not-enoughness.


To heal this wound we have to break it down, pull out each knife that bled the spirit of woman, and suffuse power back into all of the wounds.


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is an energy based form of psychotherapy designed to reduce symptoms of psychological distress by manipulating how energy flows in the body. TFT is based on the premise that bodies consist of energy fields and that imbalances in this system cause physical and emotional issues. It is thought imbalances can be corrected by finger tapping specific energy points in certain sequences in order to restore an individual's health and wellness.


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for the treatment and alleviation of a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness which you can naturally enter so that, for therapeutic purposes, beneficial corrections may be given directly to your unconscious mind. In this way, hypnosis is an effective way of making contact with our inner unconscious self, which is both a reservoir of unrecognised potential and knowledge as well as being the unwitting source of many of our problems.


Spiritual Hypnotherapy provides access to the quantum field of consciousness, the spiritual realm from which all healing flows. Spiritual hypnotherapy enables us to work directly with your higher Self and can deepen and expand the healing process.


Life purpose coaching is much more forward- focused than typical therapy and encourages results-based positive actions, rather than looking back at past events and outcomes. Life purpose coaching encourages you to find ways to free yourself from old patterns, so you can move forward and find a deeper level of fulfilment in your life.


Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. Tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain. Similar to acupuncture, EFT focuses on the meridian points — or energy hot spots — to restore balance to your body’s energy. It’s believed that restoring this energy balance can relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused.

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Shirley has lived her life in fear of speaking out, treading on eggshells in her relationships, feels lost, 'Shirley' feels she doesn't know what to do with her life but she has so much she wants to experience, she spent all her adult life in narcissistic relationships, (that's all she's  known since childhood) feeling controlled, she doesn't feel she has a purpose a reason anymore she feels disconnected from herself she wants to feel Worthy, alive, whole, fulfilled excited & happy.

As a Self Love Coach I help women who feel stuck and unfulfilled in life, trapped by their emotions, feeling caged and disempowered by others to reconnect with their heart, grow in self-esteem and confidence and move forward to live a life of joy. 

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