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Overwhelm, procrastination & Flow State

  1. Have you ever found yourself so immersed in a task that you completely lost track of time? Your focus was so intense that the world around you faded away and all that mattered was the task in front of you.

  2. ● Your productivity sky rocketed. You were focused on one thing and only one thing for a long period of time. Because your focus was so intense, you made massive progress on that task - much more than you would normally make.

  3. ● Your concentration increased. Normally you find yourself distracted when you’re trying to work on a particular task, but not this time. You were so “in the zone” that absolutely nothing could distract you.

  4. ●Your enjoyment of the task went through the roof. Because you were so immersed in and focused on your task, your enjoyment of your work went up significantly. You weren’t thinking about the things you would rather be doing. How often do you experience what I just described? My guess would be not very often. Most of us find ourselves extremely distracted when we try to do our work.

  5. ●Just getting any work done requires a significant amount of effort. There are so many interruptions. So many distractions. So many things that take you of the task you’re trying to make progress on.

  6. ●But it doesn’t have to be this way. What would you say if I told you that you could reach this state of heightened focus, increased concentration, increased productivity, and overall happiness on a regular basis?3.That state is called “flow state” and it’s what my program #uplevelme is all about. If you want to achieve maximum productivity, in your business and your life you must understand “flow state.” It sets the highest achievers apart from everyone else.

  7. FLOW STATE: Achieving Maximum Productivity & Happiness

If you want maximum productivity, as well as maximum satisfaction in your day-to-day tasks, it’s important to know how to get into the heightened state we’re calling “flow state.

1: What Is Flow State?

When you’re inflow state, you’re completely engaged in the task at hand, to the point where you lose track of time and experience great joy simply in doing the job before you. Everything fades into the background except what is immediately before you, and you focus intensely on a single task without any distractions.

2.When you’re in flow state, your mind is 100% engaged. You’re completely and totally focused on the work in front of you. Rather than emptying your mind, you are trying to completely fill it. You are so focused that nothing can distract you from the job in front of you. You’ve got laser focus.

3.Entering flow state is a totally immersive experience. You are fully committed to what you’re doing, and you have no room in your consciousness for anything else. You have no room for other thoughts, distractions, tasks, desires, or worries. You are so totally engaged in what you’re doing that your entire mind and body are occupied, leaving room for nothing else.

4.The flow state experience. When you’re in flow state, you’ll experience several significant things:

●Total immersion in the task at hand. You’re so immersed in the task at hand that everything else fades to the background. Being inflow state is highly enjoyable and can turn even the most difficult jobs into pleasant experiences.

●Increase in productivity. When you’re in flow state, your productivity goes through the roof. Why? Because you’re only focused on a single task. FLOW STATE: Achieving Maximum Productivity & Happiness.

You’re not trying to multitask. And because your energy is focused so strongly on one thing, you make significant progress on it.

●No distractions. When you truly enter flow state, your brain shuts out everything except what’s in front of you. Nothing else seems to matter. You are completely oblivious to the distractions that are flying around you and focused on achieving something that actually matters to you.

●Lose track of time. Because you’re so immersed in your task, you may completely lose track of time. This is also why you tend to be more productive when you’re in flow state. You’re able to dedicate more focused time to a task than normal and get significantly more done.

●Increased enjoyment of the task. When you’re in flow state, you’re not thinking about what you’re missing out on. You’re not thinking about the problems in your life. All your attention is in a single spot, not scattered about by a thousand different thoughts and worries. The result is a hyper-productive bliss.

●You’re stretching yourself. Entering flow state requires that you stretch yourself. That you tackle worthy, challenging goals. That you use your God-given gifts and strengths. It’s difficult to get into flow state when you’re working on mundane, tedious tasks.

●You live a more meaningful life. The primary benefit of flow state is that it allows you to live a more meaningful life. How? Flow state ensures that you dedicate a significant portion of time to tasks that are meaningful and allows you to experience joy while you perform those tasks

Practice dealing with discomfort.

Take a situation that you find mildly uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s public speaking or doing lives on Facebook or going to a networking event even. Force yourself to deal with small doses of the discomfort, and increase the level of exposure over time.

Although it’s challenging to give up the habit of avoidance, you’ll be surprised at how much you can tolerate.

Realize that discomfort and fear are frequently good things. If you’re not doing anything that makes you uncomfortable, your life is likely to stay the same. It’s only when you push your comfort level that new things can begin to happen. Fear is the most common cause of challenges in life. Learn to work through fear and gain the ability to make positive choices. You’ll boost your self-esteem and enjoy a happier life. Learn to embrace discomfort as a positive sign that your life is about to change for the better. Get started today! with #uplevelme

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