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Weight Loss Online by Stacey Gaunt International Hypnotherapist

Do you now have a #lockdownbody?

Have you managed to acquire #quarantine15 (the average poundage taken on during lockdown)?

Or have you always struggled with weight throughout your life, particularly as middle age approaches? I have no doubt that you will have tried every diet out there, every passing fad and each celebrity-endorsed product. Only to find that NONE of them work. Everyone knows the detrimental affects of excess weight. It hits in so many places:-

• health

• relationships

• confidence

• mental wellbeing

• identity To achieve real long-term freedom from excess weight requires CHANGE. The use of hypnosis over a four-week consultation program can change your mindset - habits and behaviours - around food that that have been acquired over a lifetime. The foundations can be put into place that will alter and m the way you think about food - for good! And without dieting. Whether your weight gain is new to you, or whether you have battled weight most of your life, hypnosis can change:

• how you think about food, your mindset and behaviour towards it

• your habits and portions

• your choice of food

• your motivation to exercise Hypnosis will give you a foundation for a life-changing new relationship with food that will enable you to become the person you want to be. And now, you don’t need to do it alone.

Weight Loss Online is a group hypnosis weight-loss program which takes place online via Zoom. This means you can be part of the program from wherever you are in the world, and that you can interact with other participants in a four- week supportive consultation that will fundamentally change your relationship with food - and excess weight - for good! For details of how to book your place on Weight Loss Online, contact me by Email…

The Hypnotic Slymgym

Get fit through thought, impossible I hear you say, no it's possible, your mind and body are ONE, connected by the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, while under hypnosis your minds actions are carried out as if its happening in real time, the subconscious does not know real from fiction.

So see this! your under hypnosis running on a treadmill, your heart rate increases, blood flow floods to muscles, cells are creating proteins yet your not moving just creating this visualisation of working Out, and yet your subconscious is sending all the correct hormones and signals around the body as if you were really doing it, fascinating yes? To find out more about my hypnotic Slymgym, book in for a free no obligation consultation 07538632669

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